Alma families invited to next SEPAC & ELPAC meetings on March 13

All Alma families are invited to learn more about our Intervention Programming at the next meetings for Special Education (SEPAC) and English Language Learners (ELPAC). These sessions are designed to provide the necessary support to your child, ensuring they have the best chance to succeed academically and emotionally.
Understanding Intervention
One of the critical aspects of these sessions is understanding the concept of intervention. Intervention is a systematic program or set of steps to help children improve in areas of difficulty. It's a proactive approach to aid those students who may be having trouble keeping up with the regular curriculum.
Identifying the Need for Intervention
How do you discern if your child requires academic or social-emotional intervention? It's a question many parents grapple with. At these sessions, we aim to provide clarity on this matter. We'll guide you through the signs to watch out for, indicating that your child might need additional support.
Requesting Additional Services
Another point of discussion will be around how to request additional MLL services or academic intervention. We want you to know that help is available and how to access it. We'll walk you through the process and ensure that you're not left in the dark.
Meeting Details
The upcoming meetings are scheduled for March 13. The SEPAC meeting will commence at 5:30 PM and wrap up by 6 PM. The ELPAC meeting will follow shortly after, beginning at 6:15 PM and ending at 6:45 PM. These meetings will be held at the Alma Family Center at Fisher College, 777 Church St.
Refreshments and Child Care
To make the meetings more convenient for parents, we will be providing pizza and refreshments. We understand that it can be challenging to find child care during these times, so we will also be providing this service during the meetings.
Future Meetings
If you're unable to attend the meetings on March 13, we have future dates scheduled. Please mark your calendars for April 24 and June 5.

We look forward to seeing you at these meetings and working together to provide the best support for your child.