Alma 8th Grade Scholars to host Community Civics Fair on April 10th

Join us for an exciting event, the 8th Grade Community Civics Fair, where the leaders of our future identify ways that New Bedford can be improved through governmental change and citizen action! This event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10 from 5:00 - 6:30 PM at the Alma del Mar: Frederick Douglass Campus at 767 Church Street.

This fair is not only an educational event but also a community gathering that offers resources and information from local organizations. It is a unique opportunity for our 8th-grade scholars to demonstrate their understanding of civics, the working of the government, and how citizens can contribute to the betterment of our city, New Bedford.

The Importance of Civics Education

Civics education is a critical part of every scholar's journey at Alma. It equips them with the knowledge about their rights, duties, and responsibilities as citizens. More importantly, it provides an understanding of how governments work and how public decisions are made. This understanding is crucial in shaping participative citizens who are involved in their communities, understand the importance of voting, and are aware of how they can bring about change.

At the 8th Grade Community Civics Fair, we provide a platform for scholars to showcase their understanding of civics and their ideas for improving New Bedford. This event aims to encourage scholars to think critically about societal issues, the role of government in addressing these issues, and how they, as citizens, can contribute to solutions.

Encouraging Future Leaders

The fair encourages our scholars to step into the shoes of community leaders and propose changes that can better our city. It provides them with a real-life platform to voice their concerns, ideas, and solutions, making them feel heard and valued. We believe our scholars are capable of impacting our present. 

At the fair, scholars will present their civic projects, which could range from proposing policy changes to launching community initiatives. We will see our future leaders identifying ways that New Bedford can be improved through governmental change and citizen action.

Community Participation and Support

The success of the fair depends on the participation and support of our community. We invite all community members to attend the fair, interact with our students, and engage in their ideas. Your presence, feedback, and encouragement will provide invaluable support to our students.

Moreover, local organizations will be present at the fair to provide resources and information. This is a great opportunity for community members to learn about the work these organizations are doing and how they can get involved.

Our 8th Grade Community Civics Fair is an occasion to celebrate our scholars' achievements, to encourage them to think critically about their community, and to participate in civic life. It also provides a platform for community members to engage with our future leaders and to understand their vision for New Bedford. We look forward to your participation!