Alma's plans for Solar Eclipse on April 8

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Dear Alma Families,

We are prepared for the Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024 On Monday, April 8th, a momentous celestial event awaits us: a Solar Eclipse. Starting at 2:15 pm and concluding at 4:38 pm, with the peak coverage of 91% anticipated around 3:30 pm, this eclipse promises a breathtaking spectacle for all who witness it.  This is a rare occurrence; in fact, it will be 21 years until another Total Solar Eclipse will be visible in the United States.

However, this event presents a unique challenge, as it coincides with dismissal time for our students. Ensuring their safety while experiencing this phenomenon is very important. To address this challenge, we are happy to announce we will have eclipse-viewing glasses for each scholar. These glasses are specifically designed to enable safe viewing of the eclipse.

Scholars will be taught safety tips for viewing an eclipse, reiterating how important it is to not look at the sun during any part of the event without the special glasses. We will dismiss family pick up from inside the building and scholars will have their glasses for when they meet you at the end of the day. Bus riders will be instructed to put their glasses on when they leave the building to get onto their bus. We are excited to experience this spectacular event with our Alma community.


Miranda Carpenter, Ottiwell Principal

Bridget Lemieux, Douglass Principal