Alma celebrates graduation of largest eighth grade cohort

NEW BEDFORD - Alma del Mar celebrated the graduation of its largest eighth grade cohort last week with 128 graduates receiving their diploma. These graduates will now attend the high school of their choosing, including Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech, New Bedford High School (including its Academy of Honors), Bishop Stang, Bristol Aggie, and Kent’s Hill School.


Forty-four eighth grade scholars graduated from Alma’s Sarah D. Ottiwell Campus:

Easton Almeida (receiving the award for academic excellence in Math)

Maya Amaral

Zyel Andrade

Gemma Aviles

Nia Barnes

Ava Cabral (receiving the award for academic excellence in social studies)

Alan Campos Gonzalez

Byron Carranza

Alanyi Chartier

Khloe Chartier

Joelliss DeJesus

Jayden Dejesus-Vieira

Arell Ferran

Landen Florent

Isabella Fortin

Ava Franco

Nicholas Genereux

Mark Jacob Glinski

Sofia Jimon De La Cruz

Aria Lague

Damoses Lopes

Edward Lopes (receiving the award for academic excellence in science)

Denisse Mendoza

Destiny Mestieri

Julianna Oliveira

Kevin Ordonez

Cesar Osorio

Shaelianie Padua

Jayleahna Peraza-Rivera

George Pierre

Kaleb Rodrigues

Janiyah Rodriguez

Yamani Rodriguez (receiving the award for academic excellence in ELA)

Nyzaiah Rodriguez

Jeremiah Salmeron-Sabio

Destiny Sanchez

Yasmarie Sanchez-Santiago

Luka Saude

Kaileen Sisimit

Jason Sousa

Kevin Tamup Farfan

Jorge Torres

Joel Vazquez Jr.

Lyrik Warmack


Staff keynote speaker Curt Santos (Middle School Science Teacher) was joined by scholar keynote speakers Byron Carranza and Gemma Aviles.


“In my years of serving the population here in New Bedford I can say with great joy that my time here at Alma has been the most rewarding time in my career as a teacher and further validates my decision to follow my dream in becoming one,” Mr. Santos told the crowd of graduates, family, staff, alumni and trustees. “I strive each and every day to be the teacher for my scholars that I needed when I was their age growing up in the West End of New Bedford … This year we have grown together and faced every single challenge head on and have crushed all the goals we have set for ourselves.” 


A total of 84 eighth grade scholars graduated from Alma’s Frederick Douglass Campus the next day, on Friday, June 14. Two of the graduates, Ricardo Lopez and Adriana Moura, reflected on their middle school experiences during the ceremony.


“As we stand here today, ready to move on to high school, we can't help but reflect on the remarkable transformation we've undergone,” Lopez told the crowd. “We've grown not only in height but in knowledge, confidence, and character. Leaving middle school is bittersweet. We say goodbye to familiar hallways, cherished friendships, and teachers who have guided us with patience and care. Yet, we also look forward with anticipation to the future, ready to face new challenges and seize new opportunities. Middle school has taught us more than just academic lessons. It has taught us the value of perseverance, the importance of kindness, and the power of collaboration. Especially here at Alma, where we had to embrace this schools’ habits of Responsibility, consideration, and service.”  


Below is the full list of Douglass Campus 8th grade graduates:

Miguel Aguiar Farias

Darianie Alvarez (Receiving the award for excellence in demonstrating the habit of Consideration)

Mishaela Andrade

Henry Anselmo

Joziah Aponte

Drew Bachand (Receiving the award for academic excellence in ELA)

Manuel Barbosa

Aubree Blanchard

Damien Cabrera

Aniel Cardenas

Calvin Chandler

Avriey Chumack

Josiah Chumack

Jennalee Coj Pinto (Receiving the award for academic excellence in Social Studies)

Nora Coj-Ventura (Receiving the award for academic excellence in Science)

Jayriel Colon

Alexander Costa

Bella Crossman

Natalia Cruz

Kendra D'Almeida Esmeralda (Receiving the award for academic excellence in Math)

Owen De Abreu

Sadie Dubois

Trinity Duggan

Jancarlos Enamorado-Pleitez

Amelia Enzian

Alexandra Espinal

Amalya Feliciano Romero

Dominic Felix

Connor Figueiredo

Johny Garcia

Devaughn Gonsalves

Gabriel Gonzalez

Gabriella Gonzalez

Chanelys Hernandez

Julian Johnson

Dylan Kiendra

Harley Labonte

Anna Lee Ferreira

Connor Lipka

Lily Lopes

Ricardo Lopez

Elizabeth Lopez Fernandez

Adriana Loura

Jilmarie Lovos-Morales

Genesis Martinez

Cristhian Martinez Mejia

Jayden Martins

Breanee Mazariegos

Kaiden Medeiros

Evan Medina

Tristhan Medina Alvarado

Paola Medrano Alfaro

Olivia Mendes

Keshliam Morales

Allan Munoz Borjas

Jordin Nundah

Lea Okeefe

Virginia Oldrid (Receiving the award for excellence in demonstrating the habit of Responsibility)

Danny Ordonez-Irene

Raul Ortega

Mekhi Osae-Flash

Brianna Pagan

Tatiana Perez

Amy Perez-Chitic

Tristan Pineiro-Monroig

Jefferson Portillo-Guerra

Aiden Potter

Keeira Raimondo

Sofia Ramos Rodriguez

Giuliana Ribeiro

Lexi-Ann Rinehart

Jesliani Rivera Osorio

Vianqui Riz-Hicho

Max Roderiques

Joehniel Rodriguez

Rylan Santiago

Jayden Santos

Alexandre Semedo

Maurice Smith (Receiving the award for excellence in demonstrating the habit of Service)

Sajid Talukder

Oscar Tamup Chamorro

Allyson Tejeda

Logan Tiffany

Nikolai-Royce Tripp


Of Alma’s 128 eighth grade graduates, 54% will attend GNB Voc-Tech, 37% will attend New Bedford High School (many are enrolled in New Bedford’s Honors program), 3% will attend Dartmouth High, 2% will attend Bristol Aggie. One scholar has been accepted to Kent’s Hill School, an independent college preparatory boarding school in Maine.


About Alma del Mar Charter Schools:

Alma del Mar Charter Schools operates two K-8th grade charter public schools in New Bedford. The schools are tuition-free and enrollment is set by a public lottery each winter. Alma’s mission is to put every scholar on the path to college and to challenge them to be service-minded leaders. Alma achieves this mission by providing a demanding and supportive education to every scholar who walks through their doors. Alma features a longer school day, a longer school year, high expectations for all scholars, and outstanding teachers from across the country.