Alma welcomes three new members to Board of Trustees

NEW BEDFORD - Alma del Mar’s Board of Trustees has welcomed three new volunteer members, including the parent of an Alma alum, in recent months.


Liz Lozada was voted on to Alma’s board in May 2023, just weeks before her son graduated from eighth grade at the organization’s Frederick Douglass Campus. David Prentiss and John Korn were approved to join the board in August 2023. All three new members have exhibited a commitment to supporting opportunities for New Bedford families in their professional and personal lives.


"The recent additions to our Board bring diverse perspectives that support the Board's work of governing our schools,” said Executive Director Taylor DeLoach. “We are grateful to our all-volunteer Board for contributing their expertise to Alma."


Alma trustees are volunteers who serve three-year terms. Trustees are entrusted with ensuring the school lives up to its mission, formulates a long-range plan and accountability plan, and complies with all laws. As new members of the Alma del Mar Board of Trustees, Lozada, Prentiss and Korn will advocate on behalf of the hundreds of New Bedford children that we have committed to serve and put on a college trajectory. 


Liz Lozada is the mother of an Alma alum and works as the Education and Outreach Coordinator at the New Bedford Women’s Center. She previously worked for nearly a decade at the Immigrants’ Assistance Center in New Bedford, most recently as the Immigrant Youth Program Manager. Lozada currently serves on the Scholarship Committee at the SouthCoast Community Foundation. She has an associate degree in human services from Bridgewater State University. 


John Korn is a higher education consultant, specializing in high education leadership and program administration for Harvard Business School. Previously, he was the executive director of the Harvard Business School (HBS) doctoral programs, serving in this role since December 2009. Korn worked in the HBS dean's office and the MBA program. He received his bachelor's of science in mechanical engineering from the United States Naval Academy, his MBA from Boston College, and his doctorate from Northeastern University. He is also a graduate of the HBS Program for Management Development (PMD '78). Korn has previously taught economics, operations management, and leadership at Lesley University.


David Prentiss is the President and CEO of the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra. He previously served as the founding chair of Alma’s Board of Trustees, from 2011-2014. Prentiss has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Assumption College, a masters degree in political science from Boston College, and a Juris Doctor degree from New England School of Law. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where he teaches courses on constitutional law, American government, and political philosophy. He is also a frequent speaker on the topics of leadership, liberal education, and literature. Dave lives with his family in New Bedford and has held senior staff and CEO positions at a number of educational and community organizations in the South Coast region.


Other current Alma del Mar Board of Trustees members are: Jan Baptist (Chair), Alicia Cortez, Yolanda Dennis, Mel Bride, Isabel Almeida, Charles Holley, Christopher Bator, Gail Fortes, Lucile Hicks and Maria Rosario.


About Alma del Mar Charter Schools:

Alma del Mar Charter Schools operates two charter public schools in New Bedford. The schools are tuition-free. Alma’s mission is to put every one of our scholars on the path to college and to challenge them to be service-minded leaders. We achieve this mission by providing a demanding and supportive education to every scholar who walks through our doors. Alma features a longer school day, a longer school year, high expectations for all scholars, and outstanding teachers from across the country. We currently serve 1,044 scholars across two campuses in New Bedford.