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Homeless Education Act

The McKinney—Vento Homeless Education Act is the federal law that entitles children who are homeless to a free, appropriate public education, and requires schools to remove barriers to their enrollment, attendance, and success in school. All homeless children have a right to receive an equitable level and quality of services provided to other children, including transportation, educational services, and nutritional and health services. 

Students are able to continue to attend Alma del Mar if their housing situation changes or if they lose housing, even if they move outside of New Bedford. NBPS Transportation is available to students at new addresses, in shelter, or living doubled-up, as long as they are within New Bedford and greater than one mile from the school. We can also provide assistance with transportation in some circumstances if a change in housing situation requires a family to live outside of New Bedford. A change in housing can be stressful; we hope to be a supportive resource for students and families who experience a move or loss of housing.

Please contact Alma del Mar's Family Engagement Coordinator Marie Tavares at 508-203-7546 if you have any questions.

You may also submit a referral form if you or someone you know within the Alma school community is experiencing homelessness.